When people write negative reviews it is almost impossible to remove them. So you have to hide them. We replace them with an entire network of positive information which we link together and optimize in order to completely dominate Google search results. So when people search for you they see your company website, positive reviews, social media profiles, press releases, positive articles, testimonials and latest company news. All positive and nothing negative at all. By doing this we hide the offending sites way down in the lower pages where they will not be seen again! Never reply angrily to a bad review or negative comment. This only makes the problem bigger, draws more attention to it, and pushes it up higher in Google’s search reviews! So how do we do it? We create a network of positive news about your company. Optimise it to dominate the first page of Google and then you control your online image. User surveys say that not more than 3% of viewers ever search beyond 3rd page. Our carefully conceptualized social interventions can help you recover your image, influence people perception and perk up your social value while improving your odds in your way back to success.

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