Branding services & corporate identity designing in Dubai


Birth of a brand begins from the idea of visualizing and creating an identity which represents the company.  Branding is the most essential process that lays a foundation for the business and should be done with great attention and effort. It is a process beyond logos and names. It involves understanding a brand’s behavior, framing an identity for it, designing a suitable logo along with its uniform, collaterals and stationery. It gives a layout for the website, involving all visual & textual representation, apart from print and media resources.

Simply put, branding is a strategy for selling a customer on a dream they’d like to embrace. Customers recognize your product through the perception that it creates!

Our Approach

Our approach goes by the motto “Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.”

We have a very closely connected process that involves the client throughout where we weave an identity based on their branding, digital marketing and managing concepts. Almeka is one of the best branding agency in UAE because of our mindful and distinctive approach, which views branding as a key to elevating, popularizing, and connecting a brand with people in a competitive market.

The tools, trends and fundamentals of marketing starts with branding. Therefore we follow personalized techniques that focuses on the identity of clients, industry and services. Particularly, one that represents company culture.  A strong branding would battle the competition and survive in an ever-changing environment. It would tackle the target audience, improve visibility and increase popularity of the company !.

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Our Key Takeaways:

  • While developing a brand, a simple but pertinent concept would be valuable and actionable
  • Analyzing the journey of the customer. Collaborating with our employees helps to carry the brand consistently throughout each stage of that journey
  • Being in the actual world, as opposed to the world of filters is the key to success. At the same time, creating a customer journey that will entice and engage the audience allows us to understand how our target group thinks and behaves.
  • Being branded or making an investment in a brand now will raise the value of our brand over time and, consequently, the profits of our business

It is the process of creating a unique meaning and identity for a business, products or service in the mind of customers.

Branding helps in creating a relationship with customers and gaining trust amongst them. 

Yes, with strong branding techniques a small business can stand out from larger competitors, build customer loyalty and also make them attractive to potential customers.

The key elements in branding are brand name, logo, tagline, brand colors, typography, brand personality.