80% of consumers say they do “a lot of” online research before making significant purchase decisions. This is where digital marketing becomes the most essential component of marketing. Digital marketing in simple words refers to the promotion of brands to connect with targeted customers through the internet and other digital communication channels.

It is the most used method of marketing that filters the market and focuses on the target audience in order to promote or sell a product/service. Compared to tradition methods, Digital Marketing is a more viable option that gives you perfect results and feedback reports immediately after the process.

Digital Marketing’s main advantage as compared to traditional marketing is its ability to target audiences with accuracy. With tools to get insights, analytics you can identify customer’s behavior, demographics helping to change the strategies.

“If Marketing pulls the customers to the brand, digital marketing delivers the brand to the customers wherever they are”

Digital Marketing is also a very flexible process that has a room for improvement and modification at any point. The cost effectiveness of internet marketing makes it the most popular choice among business providers. Almeka, the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, provides a one-stop solution for digital marketing services for your business.

A brand can easily tap into local and global crowd with best engagement rates through the right way of digital marketing. And here is where you understand that we are your best choice.


Our idea of is totally flexible and unique from case to case. However, we do not believe in a general online technique, we rather invent new ways and strategies of marketing your brand digitally. Something that goes hand in hand with the trend, brand identity and of course, the preference of the customers!

These days, everybody offers digital marketing services, but it’s important to truly understand each one’s methods, tools and strategies. Here are ours :


Website gets all the attention

We consider websites to be the most important element in digital marketing. A website that is rightly marketed to tap the digital audience generates good traffic and constant communication.

Creating PPC ads is a great way to get instant results and boost sales while the standards of the ad would determine the frequency and number of conversions from the contact point. This algorithm works most effectively when you generate high quality ads through a seamlessly interactive website. While we already have a strong structure and foundation for your website, implementing relevant and effective digital marketing techniques to it would not be a herculean task.

‘A website should leave its visitors with a lasting impression that encourages them to revisit.’


Search Engine Optimization prepares the base for digitally marketing the website. It increases the visibility and relevance of your website so much so that it becomes ready for online marketing. While SEO services are a bigger vertical, it also lies closely with the techniques of digital marketing.

‘Today is not about ‘get the traffic’- it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.”

Social Media Marketing 

Social media becomes a tool or a representation of your brand that engages audience from various domains by leveraging the popularity and presence of your social media handles. The impressions, likes, shares and conversions that social media gets would boost sales, drive more traffic to your end and also increase the brand visibility. We also provide social media consultation where we devise social media strategies and produce detailed reports for improvement.

‘Social media is a mirror that reflects your brand to a larger community’

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Content Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

We strategize, design, and produce targeted content that reflects your brand, engages your audience, and generates results for your company. To monitor and optimize campaigns, we gain insights through market research and performance. We provide a wide variety of campaigns, including those for brand awareness, lead generation, product launches, and more. These interactive campaigns help to advertise a new product or service, debut a brand after a renovation, help to raise brand recognition, and even support social causes.

‘Campaigns open great ways to lead people with what they want’

Influencer Marketing and Brand Collaborations

61% of consumers believe recommendations from influencers, and the customer traffic these partnerships bring in significantly boosts the popularity and trust of the business. Our team of skilled trend spotters can provide you with the most efficient strategies and connections to ideal collaborators or influencers.

‘True influence is about leveraging authenticity’

Personal Branding and PR Services

Maintaining a positive outlook that resonates with your ideas and vision to people is extremely important in marketing a brand. We are skilled at developing strategies for public relations and personal branding and are great problem solvers and thus giving you the best Online Reputation Management & PR services in UAE. PR services help you put the right foot forward at the right time. While we are generating ideas and marketing your perspectives through channels, we develop an identity that becomes a brand for individuals.

‘Personal branding begins the moment you discover the true self of yours.’

Innovations in Digital Marketing

As we are moving ahead to a world of innovations and technologies, the style of marketing should also be modified and recreated based on procurements. One such innovation is the AR marketing where we integrate augmented reality into marketing content. It is a fascinating way to engage people through technology and boost the brand morale.

‘Innovations ignite the reality with the power of fascinating technology.’

“While these are just doors to the larger rooms of marketing, what we truly believe is in Consistency. And as someone said “It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!”

Here we are to show you a million little ways!

We are confident enough to say that we are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai. Our team is well experienced in the field to deliver the best results.

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Main reasons are cost effectiveness, targeted, measurable, high ROI, more engagement, flexibility.

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