Almeka has an expert web development team that is responsible for the skeletal structure of our varied streams of websites. Ours is a specialist team who have catered to the needs of n number of clients. We realize that the client or the owner is the person who knows every minute detail regarding the business he runs and where and how it should be triggered. Hence, our strategy starts with a thorough discussion with the client and understanding the objective of the said website.

Web design covers a variety of talents and regulations in the creation and maintenance of websites. It includes a really delicate job incorporating both the client’s needs and the market trend. Web development, layout design, web hosting, domain registration, content management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and corporate branding are the main elements that should be creatively assembled in the process of web creation. A good website design is the product of a perfect blend of these aspects. Our expert team is well equipped to meet these criteria to the fullest and deliver quality web service to clients all over UAE and India.

Static websites and dynamic websites are the two major classifications of website designing. A static website is a normal website and a dynamic website is one where there are options to add or delete content from pages. Even though static designs are in common, few clients require dynamic websites wherein there is a need for regular updating of the website. Dynamic websites are where there are varied options to regularly renovate content, connect users and support social sharing. We will help us to avail of all the possibilities of dynamic websites. If it is a dynamic website, chasing your website on search engines will be effortless. A dynamic website is a web page or a group of many web pages that include information that varies depending on various factors.

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Content Management System or CMS is a software that has specific applications which allow an organization to perfectly set up, revise, evaluate and broadcast electronic content. It is a structure that is used to manage the content or the text of a website. Several content management systems provide a web-based graphical user interface that helps the author to connect to the CMS with a web browser. A CMS created for web broadcasting will give a certain set of choices to point and search articles and can also detail keywords for search engine browsers.