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Almeka is filled with a team of very skilled web designers in Dubai who can help you in bringing your website dream to reality. Just tell us what you want, and we will surely exceed your expectations.
Our Web Design Services
Typically, a website has an average lifespan of three years, which means that your presence online is at risk of perishing when it’s beyond three years. So, let’s help you give your website a new and more captivating design.

Do you have an interesting, engaging, and captivating website? Does it target your market specifically? Does the site communicate with both your business partners and potential clients? What does it showcase to potential employees or employers? Almost all organizations today cannot survive without a well-designed and professional website. In fact, in this online world of today, the better your site, the better the chance of your brand growing and improving.

Our Dubai-based website design brand helps you to design a custom website according to your budget and needs. Our team of expert website designers has the experience and expertise to design SEO-friendly sites for all industry verticals.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Us

  • 100% website ownership rights
  • Goal-oriented projects
  • 24/7 communication with clients
  • Recognized and renowned experts
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Our goal is to help you make the most of your online presence, thereby driving unbeatable results! Our Dubai-based website design brand seamlessly incorporates the philosophies and objectives of your company with our development to craft a unique site that represents the goals of your business.

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Being in the industry for around a decade, we very well know the pulse of the industry. We take pride in being the web service provider for numerous companies globally. Our forte is that we are well set to cater to the needs of any kind of industry and provide tailor made designs to each and every client. We are well equipped to guarantee creative and professional websites which are user responsive and result oriented . We have the technical expertise to develop multifaceted websites which are very much organized, yet trouble free . Indeed we have succeeded in making our clients delighted with our unique approach and style.

In the current scenario, what your business needs is the support of a website design and web development company that offers technical experience combined with commitment to exceed your expectations. We offer state-of-the art website designing and web development services that can help you consolidate your online presence.


Ours is an expert team who have catered to the needs of n number of clients. We realize that the client or the owner is the person who knows every minute detail regarding the business he runs and where and how it should be triggered. Hence, our strategy starts with a thorough discussion with the client and understand the objective of the said website. From our experience, we have learnt that a website should be designed from its users perspective and it should always represent the company’s online presence . We understand that a website is an extension of the company’s corporate image. However, we always give emphasis on ensuring that the visitors who land on the site are satisfied and either clicks the links to contact you or to avail of your products/services.. Users on the Internet don’t just want to read about your company and its products, but they want to be dazzled by powerful layouts, graphics, multimedia and most importantly interaction with your company

  • We do an extensive research on the product, brand and industry before starting a project.
  • We try to understand the objective of creating the website
  • We always have a personal approach with the clients and advise them how they can get returns out of a website.
  • Our websites are all tailor made ,each one unique, suiting to the needs of the clients
  • We offer incomparable after sales service 24×7
  • We develop and design websites in such a way that SEO can be done on these sites.
  • We always share ideas and concepts from our clients point perspective
  • Moreover, we share a long term relationship with all our clients that goes beyond our primary projects.
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Designing a good website is a complex process; that involves conceptualization, planning, graphic designing, content development, interactivity programming and proper guided execution by experienced professionals. We at Almeka have highly skilled, well experienced and specialized team who pool their creativity combined with latest technology tools to design breathtaking websites that are not just beautiful and inviting, but functional, highly interactive and cleverly designed to meet your objectives. There should always be at least one element in a website that makes a visitor stay on the page. A website should be created in a way that it meets the needs of both the client as well as the audience. What all our clients agree about us is that

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In the current scenario, what every one needs is mobile version & tab version of websites. UAE having the largest number of smartphone users in the world, the relevance of Responsive & retina ready websites is huge. In short, a single website structure has to be feasible for all these machines and gadgets rather than create different ones for Blackberry, Apple, iPad, Netbook and lot more devices in the making. It is really impractical to create separate designs for different devices and why should we lose visitors to our site for not being available on their concerned devices? This is the kind of challenge faced by ‘n’ number of companies, in UAE which Almeka has taken up and has now given a solution – Responsive web design. Nowadays, in the field of web design and web development, endless new devices and resolutions are on its way and our websites should be exceptionally good and very technical to be noticeable enough.


Responsive web designing is the hottest approach in web designing & web development which supports websites in such a way to respond properly to user behaviour appropriate to platform, screen size and direction. This approach involves a clever blending of flexible grids, layouts, images and intelligent use of CSS media queries. According to the technology used under responsive website designing, the website automatically takes the shape of the design being used and hence it is also known as fluid responsive design. The image size, resolution and the script are automatically accommodated on the devices used and since technology enables websites to respond rapidly to all devices, its rightly termed responsive web design. Finally, the need to design and develop websites for each new device is purged.

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