There are various methods of online marketing which we adopt for different clients as per their business requirements. Online marketing is growing at a very fast pace which will help you to penetrate your business into the global market. We help you to choose the best online marketing techniques.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a type of internet marketing that involves promotion of websites by increasing traffic and visibility from search engines which in turn benefits sales and ROI. SEM involves both paid search results(Pay per click-PPC) and unpaid search results(SEO). Social Media Marketing(SMM) is also a part of SEM. It is an internet marketing technique where social media is used to educate and influence customers. We have attained an excellent space in SEM since we always work from both our clients as well as customers point of view and as per their business pattern. Being in the industry for over more than 6 years, we know the core of the industry as well as the mindset of customers. Our customized services to our clients has helped us in being placed as the leading SEO company in UAE and India. From our past experience, we have seen the sales and ROI of our clients being triggered by opting SEM. The whole ALMEKA team aims at driving prospective enquiries to you rather than driving up your marketing budgets.

Pay per click or PPC is a great way to get visitors to your site when you need traffic the most. PPC is a kind of marketing in which advertiser pays for each ad clicked. Search engines allow businesses to buy listings in their search results. If someone clicks on your ad, they arrive at your website and you are charged for that. The biggest benefit of PPC is that it generates traffic right away. With PPC ads , you can generate rapid traffic within a few minutes of opening an account. The goal of PPC is to get in front of searchers who are looking specifically for what you have to offer. PPC’s are quick in seeing optimum results. It is a quick method in generating your sales and leads


Social Media Promotions involve promotional activities which increase traffic and visibility from search engines which in turn benefits sales and ROI. It is a type of internet marketing that employs different social media networks to attain objective branding . It covers activities like sharing of images, videos and content as well for the purpose of marketing. It is an internet marketing technique where social media is used to educate and influence customers.

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Be visible on the first pages of search engines. If you’re not one among them, it could be hard for your customers to trace you. Top the search lists and get noticed. Know how you reach there?? SEO!!!! Search Engine Optimization or SEO will make every effort to make you climb the search list.


Display your ads on Google and its advertising network whatever your budget is. You need to pay only of people click your ads. While opting ad words, the biggest advantage is that the ads can be specifically targeted to users who are searching for your related products or services. These ads offer instant access for the visitors and are redirected to your business then and there which results in promised ROI. It offers the best for the clients as well as potential customers. Since you need to pay only for the number of visitors. Also there is no minimum or maximum which you can spend on Ad words. Above all, it is the most cost effective than other methods of advertising like printed ads, banner ads, directories and all.

Google ad words offer a variety of formats to place your ads whether it be text, images or videos. These ads can be directed to detailed pages. Detailed analytic reports are also available for ad words upon request which is one of the best advantages of Google ad words.