There’s no doubt that traditional channels are still important when it comes to driving awareness. But the truth is that almost everything is online now, so it’s important that we start heading in the direction of online marketing to drive awareness. The thing is that every channel can coexist, and they’ll both serve unique purposes towards driving action. If you need help with online marketing in Dubai, then you’re in the right place. Let’s help you get the best ROI out of your online marketing campaigns.


During and after the last pandemic, more businesses have come online, and brands are now looking for budget-friendly options when it comes to paid ads. We understand all that’s happening, and that’s why we’ve decided to be here for companies in Dubai who want to get results in digital marketing. No matter the means of online marketing you want to use, we have experts in those fields and guarantee you the best results.


Almeka offers integrated online marketing campaigns that expose your company to prospective customers. Our online marketing approach incorporates needed back-end analysis with creative messaging to see what is working and what we could improve. We provide Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Leads, and Pay Per Click services in:

  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Display Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Right from the planning of the media and ad campaign setup, ad strategy, and ad design, to bid management, we have the best strategies that are driven by sourcing, distributing, targeting, and retargeting your ideal prospects.

Reach out to us now to get started.


Social Media Promotions involve promotional activities which increase traffic and visibility from search engines which in turn benefits sales and ROI. It is a type of internet marketing that employs different social media networks to attain objective branding . It covers activities like sharing of images, videos and content as well for the purpose of marketing. It is an internet marketing technique where social media is used to educate and influence customers.

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Be visible on the first pages of search engines. If you’re not one among them, it could be hard for your customers to trace you. Top the search lists and get noticed. Know how you reach there?? SEO!!!! Search Engine Optimization or SEO will make every effort to make you climb the search list.


Display your ads on Google and its advertising network whatever your budget is. You need to pay only of people click your ads. While opting ad words, the biggest advantage is that the ads can be specifically targeted to users who are searching for your related products or services. These ads offer instant access for the visitors and are redirected to your business then and there which results in promised ROI. It offers the best for the clients as well as potential customers. Since you need to pay only for the number of visitors. Also there is no minimum or maximum which you can spend on Ad words. Above all, it is the most cost effective than other methods of advertising like printed ads, banner ads, directories and all.

Google ad words offer a variety of formats to place your ads whether it be text, images or videos. These ads can be directed to detailed pages. Detailed analytic reports are also available for ad words upon request which is one of the best advantages of Google ad words.