Google Workspace Services in Dubai

Almeka provides top-notch Goole Workspace services to help you with all your email-related needs.

Almeka is filled with certified team members who are dedicated to providing brands with Google Workspace Services in Dubai and its environs.

We are partners of Google Workspace, which was formerly called Google G Suite, which means you can entrust your services to us and get the best in Dubai. We have an array of in-house certified experts in Google Workspace who are available to offer you a range of services related to Google Workspace in Dubai, and they include:

  • Google Workspace onboarding and setup
  • Google Meet Setup and Training
  • Google Workspace social offers, event information, and product updates
  • Fully in-house managed Google Workspace Services
  • Cloud-to-Cloud backup for Google Workspace
  • Training for Google Workspace
  • Health Checks for Google Workspace
  • Consultancy for Google Workspace
  • 3rd Party support for Google Workspace
  • Google Workspace Migration (email and data migration)
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